Innovative Swiss vitalisation technology products that enhance your body's health and wellbeing and protect you from the negative effects of Electromagnetic Radiation (EMF)


Your daily dose of harmful EMF radiation

Every day we are exposed to electrosmog and radiation emitting from our smartphones, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth devices, computers, tablets, microwaves, car electronics and other electronical appliances.

What is Electro Smog?

Electrosmog is a term describing the environmental impact of electromagnetic fields, which, unlike smog caused by air pollution, cannot be seen or smelt. Today, it is impossible to imagine a life without using various electronic devices on a daily basis. However, the electromagnetic radiation emitted from these devices affects our body in potentially harmful ways. Control commands from the brain may no longer be transmitted properly and outright malfunctions may occur, resulting in a disorder in the cellular metabolism and, with long term influence, changes to the tissues, causing sickness in the body It is important to conduct your own research - find some links to independantly published articles in the Resources page.

Is there a solution?

Fortunately, you only need to take a few simple steps to protect yourself and eliminate the harmful effects that EMF radiation has on the body.

Two pioneering Swiss companies, Penergetic and RayGuard, have combined their unique technologies to bring you two superior, scientifically tested product ranges that protect and strengthen against the many negative side effects of our modern lifestyle.

How do the Svitec phone and car chips work?

Simply watch this video link explaining the technology behind Svitec

Health Benefits


Overall enhanced well-being and vitality


Protection against biological effects of electro smog like: sleep disorders, circulation and concentration / performance disturbances, headaches, tiredness, tinnitus, nervousness, allergies and depression

Our Products

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The Studies

Scientific studies and test by independent sources to substantiate the effectiveness of Svitec products.

About Us

Information about the companies and technologies behind Svitec and RayGuard products.



Svitec delivers!

Leading data collected from client feedback speak for themselves.
Don’t delay improving your life today!

Improvement with one of the following symptoms: sleep, circulation and concentration / performance disturbances, tiredness, tinnitus, nervousness, allergies and depression
Specifically reduced headaches
A general notice of wellbeing
Reduced mobile radiation (Professional approximate)


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The AquaKat product series is used for the vitalisation and structuring of drinking and process water. It brings the water particles to vibrate and stimulates a vortex movement. As with a spring, the water particles restructure themselves and regain the properties of natural and fresh spring water. The result is tasty, healthy water you and your body will love.

Natural Biotechnology for Agriculture

Penergetic agriculture and horticulture products stimulate biological systems through natural impulses to improve and support weakened environmental processes with lasting stability, attacking the root cause of a problem rather than just the symptoms.