Murray Dunne: Rayguard Home Black/Gold Dome (EMF Protection)

"Over the years I have become intensely aware of the various outputs of electromagnetic energies. Typically the stronger the output the quicker I feel the effects, which include sore eyes, blocked nose, flushed face and varying degrees of headache. After a relatively short time my brain begins to wind down and I have difficulty thinking.

I visited the Svitec stand at Fieldays where I started to pick up and experience the various devices they had on display. To my surprise I could feel quite strongly the energy emitting from these devices, (or perhaps they were drawing out or neutralising  the load of EMF I had gathered during the course of the day).

The feeling was one of immense relief as the bad EMF energy was drawn from my body while holding these devices, after about 15 to 20 minutes I began to feel normal again!! Absolutely amazing!!

Since purchasing the R2300 Device benefits have continued to accrue. I am sleeping better now than I have for at least 40 years. I am noticing EMF outputs a lot less than before particularly in motor vehicles. I am beginning to notice more passive effects it has created around the home including less noticeable effect from the local cell towers and my mobile phone and I no longer notice the EMF output from the refrigerator. The energy around my home feels calmer somehow.

I am very pleased with my purchase and am sure benefits will continue to show as time progresses. This device could well prove to be one of the best health improvers I have come across."


Shellie: Rayguard Energised Wristbands for Wellbeing

"The bands work great, I usually get very seasick, but I haven't had to take anything. I'm sure it's the bands!"

Protection from Electromagnetic Field Radiation (EMF)
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