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Effect of Electrosmog on the Human Body

In our civilisation, electrosmog and radiosmog play a big role. They have come to stay and are steadily increasing.

Scientific studies have proved the stressing effect of radiation, mainly focused on the weak points in our body. Due to the high resonance capacity of the human being, we act like an antenna for microwaves and rays.

The resonance capacity of the human body:

GHz (gigahertz) = μm waves = DNS
MHz (megahertz) = mm-waves = cells
KHz (kilohertz) = cm-waves = centimeter large structures

If the optimum state of the human body is disturbed by these electromagnetic waves, the control commands of the brain may no longer be forwarded properly. Outright malfunctions may even occur. Malfunctions in the cell metabolism can take place, resulting in organ deficiencies and, with long-term influence, changes to the tissue. The body gets sick. The otherwise automatic regulation may be severely disrupted by the influence of electromagnetic radiation.

Body parts such as the brain (especially the pineal gland), eyes, hearing, genital glands are very sensitive and can suffer considerable damage due to electrosmog. Other parts of the body and organs also suffer from prolonged radiation. More and more signs indicating radiation overload appear.

Possible Symptoms

Fatigue, Headache, Tinnitus, Brain tumor, Alzheimer's disease, Sleep disorder, Hypertension, Heart attack, Stroke, Digestive problems, Blood clots (rouleaux formation), Diabetes, Allergies, Nervousness, Circulatory disorders, Faster growth of existing cancer cells, Malfunction of female and male reproductive organs.

The illustrated effects

A visual guide of the effects of Electrosmog on the human body.


1. Blood-Brain Barrier

•  Increased permeability for waste products to the brain
•  Alzheimer’s, dementia
•  Depressions
•  Cognitive impairment
•  Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)

2. Pineal Gland

•  Impaired melatonin production
•  Weakened immune system
•  Sleep disorder, fatigue

3. Pituitary Gland

•  Increased stimulation of the adrenal cortex
•  Increased secretion of the stress hormone cortisol


4. Heart and Blood

•  Hypertension
•  Heart attack / Stroke
•  Arteriosclerosis

5. Digestive System

•  Chronic heartburn
•  Acid reflux
•  Esophagus cancer
•  Flatulence
•  Constipation

6. Stress Hormones

•  Increased release of adrenalin in the adrenal cortex

7. Female Reproductive Organs

•  Reduced blood circulation
Impeded nidation of fertilized eggs


8. Male Reproductive Organs

•  Impotency
•  Erection problems
•  Reduced sperm production


The Blood-Brain Barrier

The blood-brain barrier is a physiological barrier in the brain between the bloodstream and the central nervous system (CNS). It protects the brain from pathogens circulating in the blood such as toxins, bacteria and viruses. The blood-brain barrier is a highly selective filter that feeds the nutrients needed by the brain and dissipates the metabolic waste products that have been created.

Its function is to maintain the milieu conditions in the brain and to distinguish them from those of the blood. Endothelial cells, astrocytes, pericytes as well as the tight junction are the essential part of this barrier.

If we are exposed unprotected to microwaves, a reduction of conductance and energy takes place and after a short time the shielding against pollutants in the blood is broken. The blood-brain barrier is open and our brain is freely accessible to toxins, bacteria and viruses found in the blood. In the brain itself there is no defense mechanism. This can have fatal consequences.

The blood-brain barrier is not yet fully developed in newborns and adolescents before 14 or 15 years of age. For these the danger of triggering damage to the brain as a result of additional stimuli, such as from microwave radiation, is increased many times.

Baby monitors or smartphones with a baby monitor apps should not be positioned in the immediate vicinity of the toddler. Studies have shown that in infants and young children, the blood-brain barrier is already opened after 2 minutes of direct cell phone radiation.


DISCLAIMER: Svitec and RayGuard products are not medical products and therefore not intended as therapy for diseases or treating complaints or discomfort. If you are sick, please consult a physician. Our recommendations are not a substitute for medical advice and treatment.

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