Phone & Car Chips

Protect yourself against harmful EMF radiation

Reduce Stress and Enhance your Wellbeing

The Svitec phone and car chips provide all-round protection from mobile phones, laptops, Wi-Fi, tablets, Bluetooth, microwaves and other electronic devices, resulting in reduced stress and an enhanced feeling of wellbeing and vitality. This is particularly noticeable when you are making mobile phone calls or working on your computer for a prolonged time.

State-Of-The-Art Swiss Technology

Two innovative technologies are used to manufacture the phone and car chips. One was developed by Penergetic International AG, Switzerland, and the other by RayGuard, Switzerland.

Penergetic (meaning energetically programmed) technology regulates the energetic balances in the body, while RayGuard technology uses mineral mixtures to counteract the effects of different types of radiation. The result is Svitec, a phone and car chip that shields you from the harmful effects of EMF.

Scientifically Tested

The effectiveness of Penergetic and RayGuard products has been proven by independent analysis, studies and tests. For detailed information, see ‘Scientific Studies’ on product page.

Phone Chip SIngle

Phone Chip

The Svitec phone chip protects you against EMF radiation from your personal devices anywhere in your home and on the go. Available to purchase as single, double or double x 2.

For kitchens with electrical devices including microwaves, either a RayGuard Mobil or a single room device is best. 

Coin Chip

EMF Radiation Protection Device.

Two phone chips per coin case. Easy to carry in your wallet or pocket or keep near your device.

Number of chips required per device:

Mobile, phone, tablet or Wi-Fi router = 1 chip
PC, laptops = 2 chips
TV = 4 chips

Coin Case Chip

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